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Huntington Beach Toilet Repair Plumbers

We all know that feeling when a toilet is clogged or won’t flush, or overflows.

Even just an old wax seal (piece connecting toilet to the floor) can cause bigger problems if water continues leaking.

Of course it’s worth a shot to fix it yourself, but don’t be too stubborn.

Streamline Plumbing in HB has techs on call that can help with any clogged or leaking toilet.

Clogged toilets are one of the most common service calls we get from property owners here in Huntington Beach.

Sadly, even just a clogged toilet can become a serious plumbing issue when the problem isn’t fixed.

Most Fixes are Minor

Most often a clogged or leaking toilet is an easy fix, sometimes a new install might be required.

The common snaking is used most often to unclog the toilet.

Our techs will check plumbing pipes for any potential blockage or broken parts, etc.


sweaty tank toilet repair huntington beach


Sweaty Tank Toilet

Have you ever heard the phrase Sweaty tank?

For us plumbers it’s a very common term, and an easy fix.

Condensation aka- sweaty tank – occurs after steam from your shower makes the toilet bowl drip.

So technically speaking, the oxygen (which is hotter than the temps of the water in the toilet bowl) exists in the room causing condensation on the toilet and you get sweaty tank..

Homeowners should be aware thought that a “sweaty toilet” will turn into a hot spot for fungus if the problem persists.

Most people who live in a condo or home have seen this before.

The good news is this isn’t a major plumbing issue or a big leak.

If you notice the sweaty tank issue at your HB property, then contact your local Huntington Beach plumber here at Streamline Plumbing.


toilet repair in huntington beach

Clogged Toilet Repair in HB

Oh the joy of using the toilet, and then after flushing you realize it’s not flushing, it’s clogged..

This is never a good things….

Sometimes just using a plunger will fix the problem, but don’t keep plunging away for hours.

If a plunger is going to work it should work pretty quickly.

A toilet that overflows is a nightmare for any homeowner in HB.

A household plunger won’t always work, but Streamline  Plumbing techs can fix any bad toilet clog or piping issue.

For even the simplest clogs we’ll give you a FREE estimate.


Fix Toilets That Run / Leak

A leaking toilet is a very common plumbing problem, and usually it’s not a major fix.

If you do notice that your toilet seems to just keep running then you do have options.

A great place to start is to change the rubber flapper valve inside the tank.

This might fix it, because maybe the seal was bad or had worn out, but not always.

If a toilet just runs nonstop you’ll see a higher water bill and of course a chance for water damage in the house.

Huntington Beach toilet repair plumbers can locate any water leak detection and offer a quick repair.

Our HB plumbers offer a professional attitude even for just a small toilet leak.

Don’t hesitate to call us today for help.

Of course you can call the water company if you have a major leak and need water turned off.


HB toilet repair or install



 New Toilet Installation

Sometimes you will just need to install a new toilet.

We have been in business for over 25 years and we have a 5 Star Reputation.

If you need a new toilet installed  then contact us to schedule an appointment.

We can help with any brand install you want – American Standard, Kohler, Toto, etc.

Our Huntington Beach toilet install plumbers offer complete installation services.

If you want to install low-flow toilets to help with efficiency we can help with that and offer best pricing.

We also offer toilet installs to property management companies in Orange County.