Electronic Leak Detection

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Electronic Leak Detection in OC

Many homeowners are surprised to know that sound can be the key factor when trying to find a plumbing leak.

When a faucet is turned on it will create a sound as the water travels through a pipe in the plumbing (very obvious sound when a fixture is turned on upstairs).

If there is a leak in a pipe, then sound will also be created when the water pours out of the leak, and this can occur even if the leak is only the size of a pinhole.

Obviously with a tiny leak the sound will not be loud like an open faucet, so for us to hear the sound of water movement we use modern technology.

We can use this process for all types of plumbing systems under –

  • main water lines
  • concrete slabs,
  • swimming pool plumbing and more

As long as we can isolate a system and pressure test it, then leaks can be detected using electronics.

Of course the more accurately we can pinpoint a leak, the less damage required to access the leak which saves time and money.

Training and experience are 2 keys when it comes to getting the job done right.

Don’t just call any plumbing company to do this type of work.



Electronic Leak Detection Equipment

This type of plumbing service requires expert plumbing techs with years of experience in leak detection.

Streamline Plumbing uses modern equipment that will amplify the sound of moving water using microphones, digital amplifiers, and filters, which allow the leaking pipe to be identified at your home.

Once we find the leaking line then we can alter the pressure in the line to create a specific sound that our techs use to pinpoint the leak.

The sound of pressure escaping from broken pipes will vary depending on things like:

  • type of pipe
  • how deep the pipe is underground
  • is it under concrete, asphalt, dirt
  • how big is the leak

Electronic Line Location

Locating your sewer line is no longer a guessing game because Streamline Plumbing uses the best modern equipment to locate the elusive sewer line in a very short time.

Most older homes have the sewer lines buried underground and can be difficult to find.

Streamline Plumbing uses technology to locate the line, install a clean out, and solve your problem.

  • First our technician will attach an electronic transmitter onto one end of a cable and insert it into the sewer line.
  • Next we will use our electronic locator which leads us directly to the transmitter.
  • Once we have it located we’ll know the exact placement and depth of your sewer line.
  • Then we can dig it up and install a clean out, run our cameras to find the problem and offer a solution.