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Busted Pipes Repair Services

Pipes can burst without any real warning.

Even just really cold weather can cause the pipes to burst suddenly.

Hard to believe, but even in California the winter weather can get cold enough to cause your pipes to burst.

Of course nobody wants to come home and find their house flooding from some pipe that burst.

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Common Causes of Pipes Bursting

Obviously there are many factors that can cause a pipe to burst in a home or condo, office building, etc., but there are common causes that our plumbers see time and time again.

Metal piping for example is known to be more in danger of freezing since the metal holds the cold temps longer, in turn allowing the water to freeze – no good.

Of course just pipes being older, or not installed properly can cause a pipe to burst in the house.

Typically the areas near the joints are susceptible to extreme wear over the years, and as the seals become worn down, then the joints can start to weaken.

It is smart to have annual or every other year inspections done on your plumbing and pipes just to make sure they are in good shape.

It’s cheaper to repair something to do with the pipes, rather than wait for something major to break.

At Streamline Plumbing we believe in doing the job right the First time.

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How To Avoid Having a Pipe Burst At Your House

Although it’s impossible to avoid it forever, you can help in the prevention of pipes bursting.

A well known secret for people that have dealt with pipes bursting, is that they know how important insulation can be.

When all the pipes are properly insulated with sleeves it goes a long way when the temps drop and pipes can freeze.

These sleeves provide a protective barrier on the pipes to help stop them from freezing.

Of course we are very careful to make sure that all the joints and piping near your exterior walls will be covered as those areas are more vulnerable and problematic.


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Our plumbing techs have years and years of experience dealing with pipes bursting and the chaos that comes with it.

We can help you install the insulation on all your pipes to prepare for winter, but if you already notice a pipe has burst then call us now.

We offer emergency plumbing services for a burst pipe at your house, condo, or apartment.