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What is a copper repipe?

Copper repiping is the process of changing the old existing water pipes in either a home or business.

Almost all buildings constructed within the last 20 years or even longer were piped with iron pipes which were coated with zinc (galvanized pipes).

When these iron pipes get older the zinc will erode and rust will build up. Once the rust builds too much the iron pipes begin to deteriorate and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.


PEX Piping Repair

PEX piping is a huge game changer in the plumbing industry, and at Streamline Plumbing we always use modern technology and the latest supplies and materials available.

PEX has several advantages over standard copper

PEX is cheaper than copper, although special tools are required when installing PEX piping, so you want to make sure that you contact a plumbing company like Streamline Plumbing to ensure the job is done correctly.

PEX fittings are usually faster to install than copper and our years of experience allow us to pass this savings on to You, our customers.

In addition a PEX supply won’t corrode like copper will. If you happen to live in a city with acidic water then copper pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Whereas a PEX supply won’t be affected by acidic water.

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Signs You Need Copper Repiping

Many homes and businesses in Southern California were built using galvanized piping. This means you may be seeing yellowing or rusty colored water.

If this is the case, it may be that your pipes are simply aging and corroding.

This means that you are likely getting iron in your water, which could ultimately be a health hazard.

Do not put up with deteriorating pipes, call us today and let us replace your galvanized pipes with all new copper pipes. In homes, this means that your family will enjoy clean and clear water once again.

In businesses, this means less cleaning of sinks and toilets and clear, drinkable water for your employees and clients.


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Get Help Today With Copper Repiping

Not all plumbing and heating experts are skilled in working with copper piping.

If you think you need a repipe in Orange County, Los Angeles, or Inland Empire then give us a call, we also service other areas of Southern California, we have the experts on call and ready to help.

Our copper repiping jobs are done efficiently, expertly, and at a price you can afford.

No more hunting for a copper repipe expert – we have the best-trained experts in the field.


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How can you tell if you are in need of a copper repipe?

One of the first signs that you are in need of a repipe is a dramatic drop in water pressure, sometimes up to 80% percent! Water pressure is the force that water comes out of a fixture which is not to be confused with the volume of water that comes out of your tap over a specific period of time, but the two are related.

You will most be able to notice this pressure lost when in the shower or attempting to fill up the laundry machine and also in your sprinkler systems water pressure as well.

Another good way to tell that you may need a repiping is if there is some bad smell coming from your fixtures and/or discolored water.

Once any of these occur contact streamline plumbing immediately!


Why should you choose copper to repipe rather than iron?

  • Copper is corrosion resistant
  • copper is durable
  • copper can be bent to fit where the pre-existing pipe previously laid
  • copper can withstand extreme temperatures
  • copper is bacteriostatic meaning it inhibits growth of harmful pathogens
  • Iron pipes cannot be used in areas where the moisture content is very high

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