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Tankless Water Heaters Plumbers in HB

We all know the feeling of a cold shower – LOL – and it sucks.

Once your hot water heater breaks, there is no looking back.

If you need a new water heater then consider a tankless model.

Modern technology has changed the industry and offers great new choices for any homeowner.

Our HB plumbers are skilled at installing or repairing a tankless water heater.

If you need more info or a 2nd opinion, etc. then call us today.



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Benefits Of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters have many benefits compared to an old school model for any property you own.

If you need help in HB then contact our water heater techs today.

Below are some common things our customers need to know –

  • Hot water will stay hot – Tankless water heaters provide hot water for the whole house.
  • Clean and very fresh water – A tankless water heater lowers the risk of bacteria forming in the tank, due to fresh water on every use.
  • Energy efficient and small size – Reduces the risk of flooding, and it offers a way for heating water on demand, and greater energy efficiency.
  • Tax benefits – Homeowners or property managers in HB love to save money. These units with 90% efficiency rating or better, offer a tax credit up to $300. See gas company about any rebates they have.
  • Some tankless hot water heaters produce up to 40% in energy savings which equals money saved.


Buying a Tankless Water Heater in HB

Many modern manufacturers have developed tankless water heaters to improve efficiency.

Call Streamline Plumbing HB today and let us get your household back to normal.

Prices will vary depending on the model, size, etc.

We don’t inflate prices, and our reputation in Orange County is superb.

Contact us for current pricing for install and repair services.

The top notch brands include: Bosch, State, Rheem, Bradford White and many more reputable brands.

Our plumbers can help you buy and install your next tankless water heater.

If you have questions with your water bill get help online.

Things to know before buying one-

  • How many people use water daily
    • Do you like your current water heater brand
    • Estimated energy efficiency
    • Warranty on tankless water heater
    • Cost of unit over the years on average



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Tankless Water Heater Repair & Install HB

Are you having issues with an old water heater?

If you can’t get hot water and a fast reliable basis, then call Streamline Plumbing today.

Things to Look out for –

  1. hot water doesn’t get super hot
  2. hot water takes forever to get hot
  3. hot water doesn’t last very long


This is water heater Karma telling you to replace your old unit with a modern tankless water heater.

We have been in business for over 25 years here in OC and we don’t play pricing games.

We offer a FREE estimate and up front pricing on an install or repair.


Hot Water Heater Upkeep

Tankless water heaters do require some maintenance-

  • need to check the in-line screen filter for any debris
  • must flush the product sometimes to avoid building up scale or lime


Streamline Plumbing techs provide a full service installation service on any water heater product.

We will remove your old water heater and ensure the new model is safely installed.

** Tankless models don’t need a storage tank, which lessens heat loss while you wait for it to heat up.