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Busted Pipes Repair Service in Huntington Beach

It doesn’t happen often, but pipes can burst at anytime.

Surprisingly, even in California the winters can get cold enough for your pipes to burst.

A broken pipe in your kitchen or bathroom with water leaking is the last thing you want to deal with.

So make your life easier and just call us.

Call Streamline Plumbing today and get a Free estimate and we’ll be out right away.

AT Streamline Plumbing we do offer emergency burst pipe repairs services.

In addition, if you need a FREE second opinion then we can help.


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Common Causes of Pipes Bursting

We can help with a burst pipe in a

  1. home
  2. condo
  3. office building
  4. apartment building
  5. restaurants


Any type of property management needs or commercial needs also.

Metal piping can and does freeze in cold weather, since the metal holds the cold temps longer, so then water can freeze.

There are some Cost options in HB, so ask our techs about pricing install choices.

Reasons that cause a pipe to burst –

  1. pipes are older
  2. pipes weren’t installed properly
  3. cold weather causes pipes to freeze
  4. seals and joint failing from wear and tear


The parts near the joints are vulnerable to wear and tear over the years.

So as the seals become worn down, the joints start to show their age.

Don’t let a minor problem become a major plumbing repair.

It’s wise to get an annual inspection done to maintain your property.

Being proactive can you save major headaches down the road of home ownership.

If you have a burst pipe, or even a pipe that is just leaking call us for Answers.


Avoid a Pipe Bursting At Your House

You can take small steps to avoid a broken house disaster.

A good number is that every 5 years you should get a plumber to inspect any questionable pipes.

And of course simply using insulation can be helpful.

Properly insulated pipes with sleeves can help a lot if temperatures drop and pipes freeze suddenly.

The sleeves will provide a protective barrier over the pipes to keep them warmer.

This is a Huge Bonus in cold weather.

For emergency call your HB water company.


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Huntington Beach Burst Pipe Repair Plumbers

If you need a trustworthy HB plumbing company then call us today.

7 days a week we offer services in Huntington Beach.

If it’s a smaller pipe repair we can help, or if it’s a full blown emergency pipe burst.

We offer fair pricing, so for a smaller $300 fix, we don’t turn that into a $500 job.

We are proud of our 25 years in OC, and we plan on another 25 years.

Streamline plumbing offers emergency plumbing for a burst pipe at your house, condo, or property management services.