Leak Detection

Leak Detection Plumber Santa Ana

Leaks are no good in any form ,whether it’s a water, gas or a pipe leak.

Any leak can cause serious damage if not repaired right away.

Streamline plumbing offers a variety of services to detect any leak you may have in your Santa Ana home or business.

Leaks can be a common problem in older buildings in the Santa Ana area.

Streamline plumbing has been in business in the Santa Ana area for over 25 years.

We are trained with the latest technology in all leak repair services.


We can detect all leaks and offer a variety of repair options

When considering a plumber for any leak detection services you should be confident in your decision, with Streamline plumbing you can be reassured.

  1. Family owned and operated
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Free estimates and second opinions
  4. 25 years in Santa Ana and all of Orange County
  5. Emergency and Same day services available


You may think that finding a leak is a simple task and sometimes it’s as simple as a leaky pipe under the sink or a puddle in front of the water heater tank.

But sometimes you might not know you have a leak at all like a gas leak or a burst pipe under a slab.

For these leaks you need a trained professional with the right equipment to find and repair these unknown leaks.

Streamline Plumbing uses the latest equipment including video camera equipment and electric ground equipment to locate obstructed leaks that we can’t see.

Call Streamline today for all leak detection services in Santa Ana.


Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are the most common of all leaks and usually are pipe leaks from faucets that we can easily see and repair.

Sometimes though water leaks are happening and you can’t see them.

If you hear water running continuously and you notice your water bill is significantly higher than usual you might have a water leak.

We use electronic and video equipment to locate the leak.

With this equipment we can pinpoint exactly where the leak is and repair only that area.

This latest technology is used for all water leaks including

  1. Water main leaks
  2. Under concrete slabs
  3. Around swimming pool filters and plumbing
  4. Behind the tile in bathrooms and kitchens
  5. Business areas like restaurants


Water leaks that can’t be seen can cause much more serious damage if not detected and repaired right away.


Sewer Leak Detection

All sewer pipes are underground in Santa Ana.

All repairs to sewer lines require some digging but at Streamline we can minimize the digging because we use the latest technology to locate sewer line pipe leaks.

Our staff is trained in the latest technology in sewer leak detection including –

  1. Electronic transmitter-attached to a cable and placed inside the sewer line
  2. Video – we use a small video camera attached to a cable to see exactly where the problem area is
  3. Sound-the electronic transmitter uses sound to locate the exact area of the leak
  4. Isolated repair-we will only dig in the exact area of the leak to minimize the damage to your property or business in Santa Ana.


Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are by far the most dangerous and the most difficult to detect.

Gas leaks however, usually have a specific smell.

The gas company adds the sulfur or rotten egg smell to gas so we can notice a problem with this clear odorless gas.

Sometimes you can hear a gas leak, it may sound like a whistling sound or a hissing from an area near a gas appliance or gas line.

A lot of appliances are gas including the stove, furnace, water heater and dryer so gas leaks are not as uncommon as you might think.

If you suspect a gas leak you should turn off all the gas immediately and call the gas company.

After that you should call a licensed plumber for repair.

When installing new gas appliances you should also use a professional plumber to make sure your gas appliances are installed properly.

Streamline plumbing offers emergency gas leak repair as well as gas appliances install and removal.

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