Clogged Drain Cleaning

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Santa Ana Clogged Drain Service

Everyone has experienced a clogged drain once or twice if not more.

Clogged drains are all too common in homes.

If you have kids, long hair, or a dog you are bound to have a clogged drain at some point.

Clogged drains can sometimes be repaired by you, but if you’ve tried and the clog is still there you might need a plumber to clear and clean out the drains.

Streamline Plumbing offers all drain clearing and cleaning services in Santa Ana.

We have been in business for over 25 years in Orange county and the Santa Ana area.

We offer 2nd opinions and free estimates.

We use the latest equipment when clearing clogged or cleaning out drains.


Common Drain Problems in Santa Ana

Clogged Drains-happens all the time for many reasons, hair, grease, kid and pet toys, pet fur etc all can cause a clogged drain. We only use the latest equipment and least invasive practices to remove the clog

Drain Obstructions or Intrusions-This is much more serious than a clog, this is where the whole drain is obstructed by a foreign object. This can include tree roots that grow in and around your drain pipes. We use special cameras in the drain to pinpoint the obstruction to minimize damage by digging when repairing.

Collapses or leaking drains-this happens when your pipes in your Santa Ana home are older and with time rust and break and crack due to age-We can replace the section of collapsed or leaking pipe with only a minor dig due to the latest technology.

Replacement Pipes- this by far is the most invasive clog or leak, when a section of pipe needs to be fully replaced- this job can be invasive and expensive- Always get a second opinion before digging up your yard and replacement whole sections of pipe. Streamline offers free estimates and 2nd opinions on all jobs including clogged drain clearing and repair.


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Call Streamline Plumbing in Santa Ana

25 years in Orange County and Santa Ana

Family owned and Operated Lccal business

Fully Licensed and Insured

Our staff in trained in the latest equipment and technology

We guarantee all of our work

Customer satisfaction is out number 1 priority

We offer all plumbing services in Santa Ana including drain clearing and cleaning


Drain Cleaning service can save you money

Most people give it a try when they have a clogged drain.

Go to the store and get Draino or some other version of the liquid that you pour down the drain and hope it magically makes the clog disappear.

Other time you may have a small snake around the house and you try to snake the drain on your own.

Sometimes these even work and that’s great.

But when theory don’t work is when you need a plumber.

Harsh chemicals and household snakes only work  to point.

A professional plumber can come and clear the clog but also can cleans out the durians of debris and grease build up using hydro jetting.

Using a high pressure water hose a plumber can blow out and clean all your drains preventing further clogs and the need to buy more chemicals.

Streamline can answer all your questions about drain cleaning.

Over time this could save the average Santa Ana home owner a lot of money


Same Day and Emergency service Santa Ana

A clogged drain usually doesn’t involve emergency service but in certain cases it might.

Streamline offers same day and emergency service on all plumbing jobs even clogged drains.

We offer weekend hours as well.

Call Streamline to make a non emergency appointment for a free estimate or 2nd opinion.


Choosing the right professional for the job

We all know we have choices. But when it comes to home repairs like plumbing choosing the right man for the job is essential.

Always get more than one estimate or quote. Never go the cheapest route even on clogged drains.

Check out the businesses online reputation and ask for referrals.

Streamline Plumbing has an excellent reputation and many repeat customers

Call today for all your plumbing needs including drain clearing and cleaning