Toilet Repair And Install



toilet repair plumbers in newport beach

Toilet Repair Plumbers in Newport Beach

When a toilet is clogged and the Plunger doesn’t work, it’s time to call Streamline Plumbing.

In a matter of just a few minutes an overflowing toilet can leak a lot of water (gross water).

If you just have a small leak, a “sweaty toilet” or a clogged toilet, we can help.

Call us anytime with questions.

Even just a tiny part like a wax seal (piece that connects toilet to the floor) can turn into a big problem as water leaks out.

It’s OK to attempt to fix it yourself with a plunger, but don’t delay a real repair if you need a professional.

Our Newport Beach plumbing techs can suggest your plumbing pipes get inspected for any potential blockage if we find it necessary.


sweaty tank toilet repair newport beach

Sweaty Tank Toilet

Sweaty tank is a funny term used often in the plumbing industry.

It can become a big problem if it’s not fixed.

Condensation is – sweaty tank – and it can occur when steam from your shower makes the toilet bowl drip on the outside.

A “sweaty toilet” can become a hot spot for fungus to grow and live in.

Main point is, never let a toilet repair linger as it can easily get worse.

If you notice the toilet bowl continues to be sweaty then call us for help.

Toilet repairs aren’t expensive, so trying to fix it yourself might not be worth your time.



newport beach toilet repair and install

Clogged Toilet Repair in Newport Beach

The clogged toilet problem eventually happens to all of us.

It’s typically a messy situation and can’t always be fixed with a plunger.

Many things can cause a blockage like kids toys, medicinal items, female products, etc.

Avoiding the plumbing repair issue is not a wise approach.

Of course always try to fix a simple clog on your own, but don’t make the problem worse than it is.

When a plunger works, it will work pretty quick and you’ll see the results.

We also help restaurants, property management companies and commercial situations here in Newport Beach.

Call our Newport beach plumbers today.


Toilets That Constantly Run / Leak

Unfortunately, toilets will run as they say.

The annoying noise you hear in the bathroom, yep that’s a toilet that keeps running – not good.

It can be a quick DIY (do it yourself) job if you are lucky.

If you have no experience fixing plumbing issues then you might want to hire a pro anyways.

If you want to try to fix it, then change the rubber flapper valve in the tank and you might be Bob Vila.

If that doesn’t work then call us for a free estimate or 2nd opinion.

Typically a toilet that just runs will cause a spike in your water bill.

Regardless if the toilet repair cost is just $120 or $00, we treat every customer with respect and professionalism.

Main message is, any toilet repair can cause major damage.


newport beach toilet repair or install



 New Toilet Installation

Are you thinking about updating the house, including the toilets?

Our Newport Beach plumbers are happy to help.

If you need help installing a new toilet or choosing the right toilet and install in a remodel, we can help,

With over 25 years experience fixing toilets, Streamline Plumbing can help.

We provide affordable and complete installation services including low-flow toilets if that’s your preference.

Call us for a FREE second opinion.