Leak Detection

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Do you have a plumbing leak ?

At Streamline we can electronically detect any small or undetected leaks in your Los Alamitos home.

Small leaks eventually turn into larger leaks if not detected and repaired immediately.

More importantly at Streamline we can detect any and all leaks including sewer, water and even gas leaks.

We can find leaks underground even in your yard from the street of your Los Alamitos property.

For over 25 years Streamline has been serving the Los Alamitos area, we can give you an immediate estimate for all leak detection and repairs.


leak detection in los alamitos


Water Leak Detection in Los Alamitos

As a homeowner in Los Alamitos we all know how damaging water can be to a home

Water leaks can be devastating to a homeowner.

Finding a water leak to the untrained homeowner can be daunting.

Our trained professional at Streamline use state of the art equipment to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, saving you valuable time and money.

We can detect water leaks from swimming pools, Main water lines, and even under a concrete patios and sidewalks.

Our Local Los Alamitos techs are on call 24 hours a day to accurately fix your leak in a quick and reliable manner.

Call Streamline today for all water leak repairs.


gas leak detection in los alamitos

Gas Leak Detection in Los Alamitos

Did you know you need a plumber to repair a gas leak ?

Many of our daily household items run on gas including: Stove, water heater, furnace, fireplace, and oven.

Most homeowners think that only the gas company repairs a gas leak, that is not true.

A qualified plumber can detect and repair all gas leaks before the gas companies come to inspect and turn the gas back on.

Gas leaks can be one of the most dangerous leaks for a homeowner.

These leaks can’t been seen, but usually you have a gas or rotten egg smell.

Only a trained plumbing specialist like our techs at Streamline plumbing can accurately detect a gas leak.

Streamline Plumbing has been repairing gas leaks for 25 years and has a 5 star rating on yelp for gas leak repairs.


sewer leak los alamitos

Sewer Leaks Detection in Los Alamitos

A leaking or backed up sewer can be smelly, and messy issue.

Causing a sewage backup either to your yard or even inside your home.

We at Streamline use Cameras and electronic state of the art equipment to pinpoint the exact place of the leaking sewage pipe and can repair just the section that is leaking.

Streamline Plumbing hopes that homeowners of Los Alamitos never experience a water, gas or sewer leak, but if you do we are here to help with immediate assistance.

Call Streamline today for all your plumbing needs with our trained techs and modern technology we can accurately detect and repair all plumbing leaks. Streamline has been in the Los Alamitos community for over 25 years.

Call for immediate estimates and repairs.