Garbage Disposal Repair

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Something that most homeowners or property owners rarely think about is the garbage disposal.

That small switch in the kitchen next to the sink makes garbage disappear down the drain.

Most of the time this happens without incident.

However on that rare occasion that it stops working or is clogged you should contact a plumbing professional to repair or replace your garbage disposal.

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Is your garbage disposal dead?

Is your sink not draining , does the disposal make a sort of grinding noise or when you flip the switch and nothing happens?

These are signs that your old garbage disposal might need to be replaced.

Generally garbage disposals have a shelf life of about ten years based on use.

Most of the time when the motor is dead then it’s time to replace the garbage disposal.

We at Streamline Plumbing replace and repair garbage disposals everyday in the Irvine area.

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garbage disposal repair in irvine

Disposal seem clogged?

Sometimes the things we put down the garbage disposal can clog the disposal or get the blade stuck.

There are so many things that we put down the garbage disposal but we do everyday without thinking.

If your disposal gets clogged you can try to repair it yourself before calling a plumber like Streamline Plumbing.

To try and fix the clogged garbage disposal simply hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal, it’s a bright red rest button.

You can also unplug the disposal and try and remove the stuck item by hand but always make sure the garbage disposal is unplugged first.

If these two attempts don’t result in a repair then let Streamline Plumbing come and give you a free estimate today.

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Do you need to replace or repair your garbage disposal?

Sometimes it’s an easy fix like the clogged garbage disposal or just an item that got stuck in the garbage disposal blades.

Other times the garbage disposal motor has stopped working.

It can also depend on the age of your garbage disposal; it might be more cost effective to replace your garbage disposal.

The professional, certified plumbers at Streamline Plumbing can guide you as to whether or not to replace or repair your garbage disposal.

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