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Huntington Beach Sewer Repair Plumbers

When you rent a house or condo in HB you never really worry about a sewer repair.

Because as a renter you just call your landlord when something breaks on the property.

As a homeowner a clogged sewer line can create big problems and potentially a big repair.

As years go by, trees underneath the soil grow roots that find their way into your pipes.

Once this occurs, then warm air in the pipes causes vapor to escape to the surrounding soil.

Roots are Evil

In turn this then attracts roots, etc., all a bad scenario for the homeowner.

The roots consistently look for tiny cracks that will allow the roots to find a dependable source of water.

FYI – clay tile pipes are most common to be invaded by roots, but roots can break into even concrete and PVC pipes.

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Huntington Beach Sewer Repairs Cost

Streamline Plumbing in HB won’t charge you for an estimate or second opinion.

Sewer cleaning and repair jobs vary quite a bit in cost, but we don’t inflate prices for a profit.

If your repair is $300, then that is what we charge and you won’t get a bill for $12,000 with add-ons.

Feel free to call us today for a FREE estimate on a potential sewer repair.

Call our plumbing techs today in HB, we have over 25 years of experience dealing with sewer repairs.

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What we offer for plumbing sewer repair needs:

  • Offer Emergency Service
  • No Upcharge on Weekends
  • Free Estimate
  • Free Second Opinion
  • Over 25 years experience
  • 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp, FB


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Reasons Sewer Needs Repair in HB

We know it’s hard to admit you might have a sewer repair issue, but don’t delay the inevitable.

If you think your drainage system has started to slow down (and show signs of old age – LOL) then it’s probably time to call Streamline Plumbing so we can come out and see what repair issues you have with the sewer.

Things that can interfere with a sewer system –

  1. Random objects end up in the lines
  2. Extreme temperature changes affect the pipes
  3. General deterioration like lines buckling and breaking
  4. Ground shifting over the years
  5. improper installation from plumbers years ago


Never let a plumbing company just start digging up your yards.

Streamline Plumbing can do a video sewer inspection to get a clear look at your sewer lines so we can discuss your options with you before we actually do any work or demolition.

Having that miniature camera to find out what’s happening inside the sewer lines is the best approach.

This process allows us to decide if an auger or high-pressure flush can solve the problem.

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Sewer Line Replacement in HB

Do your homework before just hiring any HB plumber.

Sometimes sewer lines are too damaged to repair.

In these cases the lines will need replacing altogether, but Streamline Plumbing can offer years of experience.

This helps to record the precise location of the lines and the depth below the ground surface.

Putting in a sewer replacement line will require a little backhoe to dig up the immediate area around the lines.

This is where our 25 years of experience pays off.

Read some valuable tips to protect your property from having a major sewer issue.


Trenchless Sewer Repair

Nowadays sewer problems don’t always require excavation on a large scale.

Ttrenchless sewer repair is a modern landscape-friendly option for property owners in HB.

Many homeowners prefer this choice who have sewer lines beneath landscaping, or sidewalks you don’t want to ruin.

This process requires only a few access points which makes it very efficient for our techs, and saves costs.

When we finish the job, our plumbers will make sure the access points are filled in (and to the naked eye you’d never know that the trenchless sewer line repair ever happened).

Trenchless sewer repair has 2 main scenarios –

  1. pipe bursting causes the existing line to be blown apart and a new pipe is then pulled through it.
  2. pipe relining, uses a fiberglass line that is placed inside the faulty pipe that seals any damages.



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We can help with any of the property types below:

  • Homes
  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial Office Buildings
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