Sewer Repair


Fullerton Sewer Repair Plumbers

Unless you’re a plumber you may never think about having your sewer repaired or replaced.

However if you’re a home owner or business owner in Fullerton this can become a real issue.

Sewer pipes can become clogged , broken , dislodged from other pipes and sometimes even tree roots can interfere with your sewer line.

When there is a crack or water or air seeps through a broken pipe this can cause tree roots to look for water in the pipe making the roots grow in and around the pipe causing a clog.

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Reasons Sewer needs repairs in Fullerton

As I mentioned above there are many reasons sewer needs repair.

If you notice that your water is running or draining slow this might mean your sewer is clogged.

Also, a smell coming from the ground could also mean you have a sewer issue.

Backed up drains are another sign that it’s time to call a plumber to take a look at your sewer line.

Things that can interfere with your sewer system

  1. Ground shifting over the years-this is especially true in California with the regularity of earthquakes. The ground moves causing the pipes to shift and separate and sometimes even break.
  2. General deterioration-This is just old age-the pipes break or buckle under the ground
  3. Random objects in the line-This can be build up materials that don’t decompose or hard metal objects anything really- The drain will back up and usually smell- this happens a lot for businesses
  4. Extreme temperatures-extreme hot or cold can sewer pipes to expand and contract , causing them to burst
  5. Improper installation or cheap materials used


If you notice any of the signs called Streamline plumbing we can do a video camera inspection that is minimally invasive so we can find the cause of the problem before we start digging up your yard.

Sometimes you just might need to clean and clear the line, we can use hydro jetting to push a high pressure stream of water to clear the sewer line.

Call Streamline plumbing we will use all minimally invasive procedures to clear your sewer line before we ever dig up your sewer pipes.



Fullerton Sewer repair costs

As with most service calls sewer line repair can range greatly in price depending on the severity of the problem.

Streamline plumbing in Fullerton offers free estimates and second opinions.

Since sewer repairs can be a big job we at Streamline encourage 2nd opinion estimates.

Do your research , check out google.

We have a full team of trained techs that can come out the same day for emergency service.


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  • Free estimates and second opinions
  • Over 25 years of experience in Orange county and Fullerton area



Sewer line replacement in Fullerton

Sometimes sewer repairs can be more costly than replacing the damaged part of the line.

We will run a camera along the sewer line to find the damaged area so we are just not digging up your entire yard.

Once Streamline finds the source of the problem we will go in just that area with a small backhoe to dig up the precise area and replace the line.

Since our techs have 25 years of experience we are well trained in Sewer repair and replacement.


Trenchless Sewer repair Fullerton

This is the latest technology for sewer repair. This involves only a few access points to do the work.

This is great if your sewer is broken under expensive landscaping or sidewalks that you don’t want to dig up.

Trenchless sewer repair involves two scenarios

  1. A new pipe will be pulled through the old pipe to the broken area
  2. Pipe relining using fiberglass to be placed inside to seal any damage

After we are finished you will never know we were there. All the access points will be filled in and your yard returned to its original form.

Call Streamline today. We will send a tech out to give you an estimate and see if trenchless sewer repair is something that can work for you.