Sewer Camera Inspection


Fullerton Sewer Video Camera Inspection

Did you ever wonder how plumbers figure out what’s wrong with your pipes or how they figure out where the cloggs or leaks are?

This technology is called sewer camera inspection. A Camera is placed down a sewer line or pipe and sent to a computer and the video will show where the plumbing problem is. It’s just like sending a camera to the bottom of the ocean because we can actually go there.

Nobody wants to just take a guess as to what’s wrong with your sewer line. Our goal at Streamline Plumbing is to find out what the problem  is before we estimate the work or dig up your pipes.

Sewer camera inspection can save time and money, it can isolate the problem.

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We use the latest technology and have been in business for over 25 years

You may think you need a new sewer line but this isn’t always the case. By using camera sewer inspection we can determine the exact issue.

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Streamline Plumbing Sewer Inspection

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Sewer Camera Inspection Exposes Problems in your home or business

Root Intrusion-this is when roots grow around or through a sewer line causing clogs, leaks and even sewer line breakage. We can get at the roots by hydro jetting a service to flush out the roots and clear the clog. But knowing where the roots are is where camera sewer inspection comes in.

Cracked or collapsed pipes-Sewer pipes can crack or collapse based on age , seismic activity, and time. Finding the area instead of digging up the whole pipe is the job of sewer camera inspection.

Broken sewer line-maybe caused by the utility company doing work near a line, or other human error or just age. Pinpointing the break is the job of our cameras

Offset pipe-everything in the ground shifts even without earthquakes. Pipes become misaligned for many reasons, causing clogs and back ups. These need to need to be found and realigned and a sewer camera inspection can do that.

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Same Day Video Camera Sewer Inspection

Sewer back ups or leaks should not be delayed for repair.

Contact Fullerton’s sewer camera inspection specialists for immediate service in the Fullerton area.

A small job maybe come much bigger if not handles quickly

You could just need a cleaning or a line repair instead of replacing the whole line

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What Does Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

Sewer camera inspection costs vary depending on many things –


  1. How old is the sewer line
  2. How bad is the damage to the line
  3. Can we just clean it by hydro jetting or do we need to dig and repair the line


Call Streamline for a free estimate or even a second opinion , if you don’t like the first answer you always get a second opinion.

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