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costa mesa leak detection

Electronic Leak Detection is something we take very seriously.

Streamline is well versed in electronic leak detection issues here in Costa Mesa.

Everybody who owns a home in Costa Mesa will have to deal with a leak of some sort eventually.

Our licensed techs can find the source of the gas, water, or sewer leaks, and get your problem fixed.

Most importantly don’t just ignore a leak of any sort and hope it goes away, because it won’t.

We have been in business over 25 years here in Orange County and we’ve seen it all when it comes to leaks.

We take pride in fixing the problem correctly the first time.

If you think you need help then contact our staff today.

We can offer same day estimates



Water Leak Detection Costa Mesa

Many homeowners in Costa Mesa are surprised to learn how we find the problem.

If a faucet is turned on it creates a sound as the water travels through a pipe in the plumbing.

If there is a leak in a pipe, even just a tiny leak there still will be a sound we can detect.

To hear the sound of water movement we use modern technology and our experience pays off.

We can use this process for all types of plumbing systems under –

  • main water lines
  • concrete slab
  • swimming pool plumbing issues

Leaks can be detected using electronics  and of course the more accurately we can pinpoint a leak the more money you’ll save.


gas leak repair in costa mesa

Gas Leak Detection Costa Mesa

Streamline Plumbing is 5 star Rated on Yelp and Google for gas leaks.

Streamline Plumbing techs can repair any gas leaks (big or small) and help get your Costa Mesa house back to being safe and sound to live in.

Many appliances run on gas – furnace, stove, water heater, oven, etc., so you can’t just ignore a gas issue or just turning off the gas.


Sewer Leak Detection

Streamline Plumbing uses only the best tools and modern devices to make sure we diagnose your sewer leak accurately.

We want to always fix your problem right the first time.

A lot of homes in Costa Mesa area have their sewer lines buried underground which makes the job tougher for plumbers who are not experienced.

Streamline Plumbing uses technology to locate the line and quickly and solve your problem.

  • First thing is to attach an electronic transmitter to one end of a cable and insert into the sewer line.
  • Then our electronic locator will lead us directly to the transmitter.
  • Once located we’ll know the exact placement and depth of your sewer line.
  • Then just find the problem and offer a solution.