Leak Detection


Streamline Plumbing for Leak Detection in Corona Del Mar

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  • We are on time and professional
  • Experts in leak detection for over 25 years
  • We are a small outfit and able to give fair prices
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Electronic Leak Detection is not for plumbers with little experience.

Streamline techs are well versed in electronic leak detection for our customers in Corona Del Mar.

Our licensed plumbers are capable of detecting the actual source of the gas, water, or sewer leaks at your house.

We are very professional and if you need a reputable company then check out our Google reviews.

You can call us 7 days a week to get help.

We offer affordable prices in Corona Del Mar, along with our expert technicians.



Water Leak Detection

Corona Del Mar homeowners are often surprised to know that sound is used to help find a plumbing leak.

If there is a small leak in a pipe, even the size of a pinhole, we can detect it.

For small leaks like this we use modern technology and years of experience to resolve it.

We are able to use this process for all types of plumbing systems under –

  • main water lines
  • concrete slabs
  • swimming pool plumbing

Obviously the more accurately we can pinpoint a leak the less work it takes us to fix it.


corona del mar gas leak detection

Gas Leak Detection

Streamline can help you find and repair any gas leaks (big or small) and get your gas turned back on and your household back to normal.

Streamline Plumbing will fix multiple gas lines or replace gas valves at your Corona Del Mar house.

Of course a gas leak always requires Safety First, and is always our focus.

Many normal household appliances run on gas – furnace, water heater, oven, etc.

If you smell an odor of rotten eggs, or notice any unusual smell then contact us ASAP.

Sewer Leak Detection

Streamline Plumbing uses only the best modern equipment to locate any sewer line in a short time.

A lot of older homes in Corona Del Mar have their sewer lines buried underground and can be difficult to locate.

Streamline Plumbing uses technology to locate the line and solve your problem.

  • We attach an electronic transmitter to one end of a cable and insert into the sewer line.
  • Then use our electronic locator which leads our techs directly to the transmitter.
  • Once we have it located we’ll know the exact placement and depth of your sewer line.
  • Then we can solve the problem