Garbage Disposal Repair

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Is Your Garbage Disposal Clogged?

We use our garbage disposal everyday and most of the time take it for granted that it will just work.

We put all kinds of things down the disposal and just flick the switch on the wall and hope it works.

What does it mean if your  disposal has a foul odor, or when the sink fills up with water while running the dishwasher?

This means you may have a clogged garbage disposal.

Sometimes it’s an easy fix just by hitting the reset button underneath on the bottom of the disposal.

Other times it might be something more serious is stuck in the disposal, for this you will have to unplug it and look inside.

We at Streamline plumbing and fix any garbage disposal clog, and we can help if you run an HOA or property management company in Anaheim and you have many property owners that you are responsible for.

We are Anaheim’s number one plumber, so call us today if your garbage disposal is clogged before it becomes an even bigger plumbing issue.

If you need a FREE second opinion on a price to repair your garbage disposal then call us today.


garbage disposal repair in anaheim


My Garbage Disposal Stopped Working

Sometimes your garbage disposal will just stop working altogether.

The average garbage disposal can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on the use.

When it stops working altogether it may just be less expensive to replace it than repair it.

We at Streamline can diagnose any garbage disposal issue. Streamline Plumbing will always give you the option to repair or replace the broken garbage disposal.

garbage disposal repair in anaheim


What Can you put in your Garbage Disposal?

Everyone thinks if you just toss anything in the garbage disposal and flip that switch on the wall it will just work, well that is not the case.

At Streamline plumbing we have seen everything stuck in and clogging a garbage disposal.

Streamline Plumbing recommends that the following items should NOT be put down the disposal:

Bacon Grease, any type of fat, fruit peels and seeds, or any potato product.

If you should happen to put these down your disposal and it gets clogged call Anagheims finest plumbers.

Streamline plumbing can clear your clog call today and give you the best price.

These are the things that can be put down a garbage disposal: Soft foods, small vegetable peels, and drinks.


garbage disposal repair in anaheim


Why choose Streamline Plumbing

Whether you need a clogged garbage disposal cleared or a full replacement, we can help.

A choice that will be strictly based on the severity of the issue.

We at Streamline plumbing can handle all your garbage disposal needs in Anaheim.

We have many years of experience in the Anaheim area.

Call today for a free estimate or even if you are looking for a second opinion.

We are licensed and insured with over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry.

Call today if you are a homeowner in Anaheim , no job is too big or too small.