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Tankless Water Heater Plumbers Aliso Viejo

If you have ever run out of hot water while washing your hair and getting ready for work then you know the limitation of the old school storage tank water heater.

Those old big tanks usually in the garage are what we grew up on in southern California.

They only hold so many gallons of water and once it runs out you have to wait until it fills up again.

And if they break or leak it can cause a major flood throughout your house.

Many homeowners in Aliso Viejo are transitioning to more modern and efficient tankless water heaters.

If your old water heater breaks or needs an expensive repair then maybe it’s time to consider replacing it with a new tankless water heater.

There are many benefits to the newer models and we at Streamline plumbing can answer any questions about tankless water heaters.

We have over 25 years of experience in Plumbing in Orange County.


Benefits of a tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters offer a wide variety of new benefits that are not available in the old models.

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Benefits of a tankless water heater:

  • Hot Water-never run out or have to wait for hot water again. Since the water comes directly from the source without a holding tank
  • Clean fresh Water- again coming from the ground and not from a holding tank reduces the risk of mold or bacteria
  • Small and Energy Efficient-reduces flooding risk and is more energy efficient
  • Tax benefits-property managers and homeowners can receive a tax credit when purchasing energy efficient appliances including tankless water heaters. Contact the water company for complete details
  • Utility Bill savings-save up to 40% over the course of a year



tankless water heater plumbers aliso viejo

Buying a tankless water heater in Aliso Viejo

Call us today if your looking to install a tank less water heater in your Aliso Viejo home.

We can purchase the water heater for you since we know what brands are best for your home or business.

Since they are more common in newer homes in Orange County there are now many more brands available than there used to be.

Prices will vary depending on the model, size, warranty and how many people will be using it on average.

Call Streamline today we offer free estimates and 2nd opinions.

We never charge extra for buying the tankless water heater.

We offer upfront pricing and no hidden fees.

Some brands that we install are:

Bosch, State ,Rheem, Bradford White and many more.

If you notice a change in your water bill for your home or business in Aliso Viejo contact a plumber immediately.

Things to consider be buying a tankless water heater:

  • How many people will be using hot water on average
  • Do you have a specific model in mind
  • What is the energy efficiency
  • What is the warranty being offered



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Tankless Water Heater Repair & Install Aliso Viejo

Most water heaters last on average 10-12 years.

Even with a 10-12 years life span most water heaters will need repair and service.

If you notice a slowing of hot water or no hot water at all call Streamline plumbing in Aliso Viejo.

If you notice any of these call a plumber

  1. Exceedingly hot water water-scalding
  2. Takes water a long time to heat up
  3. Very short supply of hot water
  4. Change in water color or a smell from the faucet
  5. A wet carpet or floor area where there shouldn’t be any water


These are all indicators of a more serious problem with your water heater and could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Call today for a free estimate or second opinion.

We guarantee all of our work and maintain a great reputation in Orange County as a family owned and operated business.



Hot Water Heater Upkeep

All water heaters require some maintenance.

If you have a new tankless water heater installed you should consider an annual maintenance contract.

This will keep your water heater working much longer.

To properly maintain a tankless water heater

  1. Clean any inline screen filters
  2. Flush the entire system to avoid lime and scale build up.

Streamline plumbing offers full service installation and maintenance contracts on all brands of tankless water heaters in Aliso Viejo.

We will remove and dispose of your old water heater properly.

Our staff is fully trained in the latest technology and the latest city codes so all plumbing work is up to the latest codes.