Gas Leak Detection



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Do you smell gas at your home in Aliso Viejo?

Did you know that the gas company adds the smell to gas with a chemical.

That is because gas is odorless without the smell added.

It usually smells like rotten eggs or similar.

If you smell this faintly check your burners on your stove first you may have just left the knob turned a little.

If the smell is heavier than you should contact a plumber in the Aliso Viejo immediately, you may have a gas leak.

Streamline plumbing can come to your Aliso Viejo home, condo or business including restaurants.

We can find the source of the leak and offer repair solutions including gas line replacement as a last resort.

Any sign of a gas leak should be dealt with right away as they are dangerous and can have disastrous consequences.

Contact us today at the first sign of a gas leak in Aliso Viejo.



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How to tell if you have a gas leak

There are just a few ways to tell if you have a gas leak

Smell-like I just mentioned the gas company adds the smell of rotten eggs to make you aware of a possible leak.

If you notice a strong odor like this its not a good sign

Sound-If you hear an unusual hissing or whistling sound that you haven’t heard before it might be the gas escaping a broken gas pipe.

Sight-seeing unusual fly activity in your home (yes flies are attracted to gas), Brown or dead patches of grass, discolored soil in a particular part of your yard are all visible signs of a gas leak

If you notice any one or all three of these in your Aliso Viejo home or business call Streamline today.

We offer emergency gas leak service to any home or business.

Never delay if you’re concerned about a gas leak.



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What causes gas leak in Aliso Viejo

There are several ways that a gas leak can occur

  • Ground shifting- the ground shifts all the time but in California we have the added exposure of earthquake activity.
  • Corrosion-like everything in your home or business things need to be replaced after a certain amount of time, this goes for gas lines as well
  • Cheap materials-maybe the previous installer used less than ideal materials
  • Not properly installed-gas lines were not fitted properly
  • New installation of gas appliances not done correctly


Gas isn’t something that should be messed with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Even something as simple as installing a new gas stove should be done by a trained professional.

If you try and set up your new gas stove and it’s not done properly you could cause a gas leak.

Call us today we can install all gas appliances.

Streamline can also test all of the gas appliances and lines to make sure you don’t have a leak in your Aliso Viejo home or business.



Gas Leak Detection Plumbers

When detecting gas leaks Streamline plumbing uses the latest technology and equipment.

Our staff is constantly learning newer techniques and repair options in gas leak repair.

We are experts in gas line detection and can repair or replace most gas lines and fixtures.

Since many appliances in your home are gas including

  • Furnace
  • Water heater
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • heat

It is crucial that an experienced plumber handle any gas leaks.

Trying to do it yourself can be disastrous , even deadly.



earthquakes cause gas leaks

Was there an Earthquake in Aliso Viejo

Since California has earthquakes it is common for the ground to shift and cause a leak, even a small one can disrupt gas service.

We can install an earthquake shut off valve in your home or business.

This is a valve that is attached to your main gas line and will automatically shut off the gas if the earthquake is above a 5.4.

This is a great extra layer of safety for southern California homeowners in Aliso Viejo and Orange County.

Call Streamline today with any questions about installing an emergency shut off valve.



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