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Garbage Disposal Repair -Aliso Viejo

Is your garbage disposal clogged?

We take for granted our garbage disposal , never really thinking about it.

We just flush the trash down the sink and expect that it will work.

Most of the time the garbage disposal will work just fine, grinding up the things that we throw down there.

But what happens when it stops working and what does that look like if you’ve never had it happen to you.

Well for starters you may notice a foul smell coming from the sink.

You may also notice the sink is clogging up with water either when you turn the water on or when you run the dishwasher and yes they are all connected.


Don’t Ignore The Problem

If you notice any of these things happening your garbage disposal maybe clogged.

Sometimes this can be something you can fix by turning off and unplugging your disposal under the sink and hitting the red reset button that is located on the back of the motor underneath the sink.

After you hit the reset button you may have to check inside the disposal always make sure the disposal is unplugged when doing this.

Check inside the disposal and only use an actual garbage disposal wrench to move the blades.

Never stick your hand inside the disposal.

If this doesn’t release the debris that is causing the clog it might be time to call a professional.

Streamline plumbing is an expert in garbage disposal repair or replacement in Aliso Viejo.

We work with individual homeowners, businesses and even HOA complexes for all garbage disposal repair.

Streamline offers free estimates and second opinions on all garbage disposal repairs



garbage disposal repair in aliso viejo

Has your garbage disposal stopped working

When you flip the switch on your garbage disposal does it make a grinding sound or do you notice a rubber burning smell?

Or has the disposal just stopped working all together?

Like every other appliance in your home garbage disposals have a shelf like, on average about 10 years.

When garbage disposals stop working altogether it may just be easier and believe it or not less expensive to replace the disposal.

Let Streamline come out to your Aliso Viejo home or business to diagnose the problem with your garbage disposal.

We will give you both options either to replace the unit altogether or to repair it so you have all the facts before making a choice.



What Can You Put in your garbage disposal?

Most people think you can put anything down the garbage disposal and most other times we do and it may work for a while but sticking things  down the disposal that don’t belong will eventually cause a strain on the motor or clog the disposal.

As a plumbing company we at Streamline have seen just about everything put down the disposal.

Streamline plumbing recommends that the following items not be placed down the garbage disposal.

Putting these items down the disposal can cause clogs or motor failure, resulting in an unnecessary repair or replacement.

  • Bacon grease-use a can and put in the trash- this clogs the drain
  • Other fats
  • Fruit peels-may smell good but also clogs the drain
  • Seeds
  • Potato peel or mash
  • Bone fragments

If you happen to clog your disposal or it stops working due to these items call Streamline today we can clear your clog for you.

Here are a few things that can be put down the disposal

  • Soft foods
  • Small vegetables
  • Drinks



aliso viejo garbage disposal repairs

Why choose Streamline plumbing in Aliso Viejo

We can fix any garbage disposal or offer you options if a replacement is needed.

We are experts at all garbage disposal repairs and replacement.

We have over 25 years of experience with garbage disposal service in Aliso Viejo and all of Orange County

Call us today for a free estimate or second opinion on all garbage disposal repairs.

We are licensed and insured and all of our staff has been trained in the latest garbage disposal technology.

If you’re in Aliso Viejo and need a garbage disposal repair or replacement call Streamline plumbing today.

We offer same day service in most cases.