Aliso Viejo Slab Leak Repair

What Causes A Slab Leak

There are a number of factors that can cause a slab leak in your Aliso Viejo house.  Most often the settling of the foundation can lead to broken pipes below the ground.

Even poor workmanship (just small errors) at the time of construction, when combined with time and mother nature, can slowly cause leaks under the foundation.

In addition you might just have an older home that has very old pipes, and when you mix old plumbing with normal wear and tear (corrosion), sometimes you’ll have to deal with a slab leak.

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Why Get a 2nd Opinion

If you already had a plumbing company come to your house in Aliso Viejo and diagnose the slab leak repair, consider getting a Free second opinion.  Streamline Plumbing offers highly competitive pricing for slab leak repairs, and our technicians are very experienced and professional.

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Slab Leak Symptoms

Water on floors
crossing lines (hot water coming out of the cold side)
low amount of hot water
High water bills
able to feel hot areas underneath your floor
mildew scent

What is a Slab Leak?

Slab Leaks are pressurized plumbing and pipe leakage, which can occur beneath the concrete or slab within your Aliso Viejo house, place of business or anything built with slab on grade foundations.

These types of leaks can occur with either the hot line or the cold line.

Slab leaks can happen in the houses incoming water line or even sometimes in the sewer line. Both types of links can cause large amounts of damage to the foundation.

If you have a leak in the incoming water line it will never stop leaking because the water pressure of that line will continue to flow water out of the leak and it will continually increase the size of the hole in your pipe.

This will cause major damage over time since water will be leaking out with increasing frequency. When these leaks are above the ground they are known as pinhole leaks.

slab leak repair

Do You Have a slab leak repair in Aliso Viejo?

One of the easiest ways to find out if you’re having a slab leak is if you notice water in the yard or in the house coming up from underneath the floor. Having high water bills can be another sure indicator of having this problem as well.

Be sure to double check that the water isn’t coming from another leak source (one which is above ground for instance) such as your shower, toilets, faucets etc.

If you are sure that nothing else is the cause of the leak and that no water is running inside your house then go to your water meter which is outside of your home.

Usually by the entrance to your driveway underneath a stone block) and look for the leak indicator – typically this is a small triangle or star on the face of the meter. If the symbol is moving (even if it’s very subtle) then is a sure indication that you do have a leak.

If you go to your shut off valve on the outside of your house and turn off the water and the meter stops running then that means that the leak is to a supply fixture in your home.

If the indicator does not stop moving when you shut the water off to your house then that means that the leak is on the service line going to your house, these can sometimes be underneath dirt or grass rather than a slab which can be a lot cheaper for you.

Why Hire Streamline Plumbing

  • Lined copper piping systems have a longer rated service life than new copper pipe.
  • Minimally invasive repairs.
  • More affordable than a pipe re-route.
  • Proven technology and material.
  • Treated pipes are protected from further corrosion and leaching of lead and copper into drinking water.
  • Restoration service completed in one day.
  • Flat rate service available for most single line restorations.
  • Same day service available during emergencies.
  • No hassle, free estimates.
  • No hidden costs – know your charges upfront.
  • Licensed and insured.
  • Over 25 years of professional plumbing experience.