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Clogged sink, toilet or drain? No problem. We unblock the clog and get the water moving again. We provide the latest leak detection technologies for breaks in underground pipes without having to dig-up your floor or your property.

Streamline services both residential and commercial accounts. We use only the finest fixtures, and only replace things when they can’t be repaired. Whether you need a bathroom/kitchen fixture replaced or you need an entirely remodeled bathroom or kitchen, Streamline is your premier choice. If you need to fix a broken pipe or replace your piping, we do it. We have all the latest tools, including drain cleaning and trenchless technology.

If you have problems with gas lines or sewer lines, we have tools to detect problems under the floor or under the ground without having to dig. And we always clean up before we leave. Fix that plumbing problem now – one phone call to Streamline Plumbing does it all. When you need plumbing service, call Streamline Plumbing now.

We provide our technicians with the latest equipment and tools, including hydrojet technology. We fix small problems like blocked drains, sinks or toilets, and we can also replace piping or fixtures as needed.



Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks are our specialty, we can diagnose any leak that is thrown our way, call now for free Leak detection special we have going on. You wont be disappointed!

some causes of slab leaks can be Poor workmanship, shifting foundation, water chemistry, water velocity, clogs, cracks, breaks and even age. Each of these elements may be contributors to the foundation leak or floor leak that is troubling you. Our leak detection and leak repair services can determine what’s wrong and repair the troubled area so it is good as new.

It is vitally important for the safety of your home or building to have your slab leaks repaired as soon as they are detected. Otherwise water damage can occur and harm the whole foundation of the building and causing monetary and in some cases permanent damage to the value of the structure. That is why Scott English Plumbing is here to help you.

Instead of cutting open the slab we perform a much better way of repairing the slab leak, first we disconnect the pipe link which is leaking and then we “re-route a line of copper to the 2 disconnected pipes to connect that line again and voila!


Another option we offer once the leak is isolated, is to re-route the line. This means we take a full section of the line and replace it from one manifold above the slab to another. An example of this would be if a line running from the water heater to the kitchen faucet were leaking. We would re-route the line from the water heater to the manifold located behind the kitchen sink.


Copper Repipes

Not all plumbing and heating experts are skilled in working with copper piping. If you think you need a repipe in Orange County, Los Angeles, or Inland Empire then give us a call, we also service other areas of Southern California, we have the experts on call and ready to help. Our copper repiping jobs are done efficiently, expertly, and at a price you can afford. No more hunting for a copper repipe expert – we have the best-trained experts in the field.

Many homes and businesses in Southern California were built using galvanized piping. This means you may be seeing yellowing or rusty colored water. If this is the case, it may be that your pipes are simply aging and corroding. This means that you are likely getting iron in your water, which could ultimately be a health hazard. Do not put up with deteriorating pipes, call us today and let us replace your galvanized pipes with all new copper pipes. In homes, this means that your family will enjoy clean and clear water once again. In businesses, this means less cleaning of sinks and toilets and clear, drinkable water for your employees and clients.

Sewer Repair

Getting to the Root of Clogged Sewer Lines

A clogged sewer line creates big problems with your plumbing, requiring sewer line repair. And usually, it’s has alot to do with what’s going on outside of your house! Trees underneat the soil have alot of roots which want to get into your pipes. Warm air in the pipes causes  vapor to escape to the surrounding soil, which attracts  roots. The roots seek tiny cracks, slightly loose joints, and other openings that will allow them to tap into this very dependable source of water. Clay tile pipes are most susceptible to invasion. But these roots can penetrate even concrete and PVC pipes. Eventually the roots will get into your pipes and even before the roots completely fill the pipe, they’ll cause other debris to back up and bog things down. If you’ve noticed that your drainage system has started to slow down a now may be the time to act. Tree roots are usually the main cause of sewer damage, but there are other ways as well. Objects can find their way into the line and become stuck. Extreme temperature changes and general deterioration can cause sewer problems, such as lines buckling or breaking. Ground shifting or improper installation can also lead to sewer line misalignment. To help make an accurate diagnosis without digging up your yard, Streamline Plumbing can provide a video sewer inspection to see if sewer line repairs are necessary. this is a much more cost effective way in which by using a miniature camera to find out exactly whats going on. Video inspection can also check the condition of your  pipes. It can tell you if an auger or high-pressure flush can solve the problem, or if more extensive repairs are necessary. Repairing underground sewer lines has always been a costly and labor-intensive process. In the past, sewer problems usually meant excavation on a large scale, with serious yard repairs needed once a sewer line repair was completed. Trenchless pipe repair is a faster and more landscape-friendly option to consider—especially if your sewer line runs beneath landscaping, trees, sidewalks, driveways or anything else you’d rather not ruin and then replace. Unlike traditional sewer line repair methods that uncover the entire line, only a few access points are needed. Once the work is completed, these access points are filled in so it’s hard to tell that any excavation was done. There are two approaches to trenchless sewer repair. With pipe bursting, the existing line is blown apart as a new pipe is pulled through it. With pipe relining, a fiberglass line is placed inside the faulty pipe to seal any damage. Your Streamline Plumbing sewer line repair professional can recommend the best sewer repair method that is best for you. These experts also have all the equipment necessary to tackle just about any broken or collapsed line. Contact your Us Today to see how we can help you diagnose your clogged sewer line or other sewer problems, and provide sewer line repairs.

Appliances & Fixtures

Water Heater Basics

The time will come when your hot water heater needs to be replaced. In the past it was a simple choice: Replace your current storage tank water heater with another exactly the same.  Now there are plenty of other choices

You’ll want the right size hot water heater with the best recovery rate for your family’s needs.  It should deliver hot water when and where you need it in the most energy efficient and cost conscious manner. Never spend more than half the cost of replacing your hot water heater in repairs.

Different types

Conventional storage gas water heater, the most common in American homes, Electric-powered storage water heater, Tankless water heater, Solar water heaterFuel for gas hot water heaters is either natural gas, propane or oil-fired.


Gas models have a reservoir or tank holding from 20 to 80 gallons of water.  When you turn on your hot water tap, hot water comes to you from the top of the tank.  Cold water to be heated enters the bottom of the tank, so the tank is always full unless supply has been exhausted.While electric water heaters have storage tanks and provide hot water in much the same way as do gas ones, they heat water using two electric elements, each with its own thermostat. A tankless water heater costs substantially more than either gas or electric.  Yet, their efficiency advantage is obvious; they provide hot water only as needed so there is no storage tank and no standby heat loss.  Some brands promise up to 40% energy savings.  Since there is no tank, the space saving feature is huge.  Multiple hot water demands at the same time may tax a tankless water heater, and in these situations more than one unit is optimum.A solar water heater includes a storage tank and solar collector.  They are powered using free energy from the sun.  Systems installed in higher latitudes may require additional design requirements that will add to the complexity and cost of the system.

 Water heater prices vary for a wide range of reasons, including the water line connections, valves, venting, gas line, strapping, access, and type of water heater.  Contacting a professional plumber for a free in-person evaluation of your particular situation is the best way to check pricing.  A “blind” quote over the phone is often inaccurate.Choosing a new water heater can become a hassle.  Refer to the warranty to assist you.  Five, ten and seven year warranties are the most common.The life of a storage tank water heater is dependent on the tank itself. A tank that is built better is usually going to cost a bit more and have a longer life. Spending a little extra up front will give you a more efficient water heater, which will save you money in the long run.For both tankless and solar water heating systems, the larger initial financial outlay may discourage many people from these options, even though long-term savings are substantial.

Although both gas and electric water heaters lose some of their efficiency because water is constantly being heated in the tank, their efficiency is much improved over the past. Both gas and electric storage water heaters, if heavily insulated, significantly reduce heat loss and have a thermal resistance.  .Some tankless hot water heaters claim up to 40% in energy savings.  The energy efficiency is obvious:  no storage tank equals no heat loss and no running water as you wait for it to warm up.Overall, high efficiency hot water heaters will use 10 to 50 percent less energy than older standard equipment.  Look for units with the Energy Star® symbol to further enhance the green living standard of your home.

To keep your traditional storage hot water heater in tiptop operating condition, you should have it flushed and inspected annually by a qualified plumbing contractor.A tankless water heater requires two types of regular maintenance: Check the in-line screen filter for debris and flush the unit to keep it free of scale and lime.Contact us  for information and assistance regarding water heater maintenance or selection of a new hot water heater, including a tankless water heater and a solar water heater.



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