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Figuring out if  you have a slab leak in garden grove?

How do I know if I have a slab leak?

The best way is to have one of our certified technicians perform a general inspection of your plumbing system. There are some tell tale signs of a slab leak. Many of these could also be caused by a far less serious problem. For example, a defective sprinkler valve or a toilet with faulty parts.

An excessive water bill.

Keep track of your usage from month to month and year to year. A noticeable change could be a sign of a leak.

The sound of running water.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in one part of the house and someone is using water in another part of the house, you can sometimes hear the sound of water running through the pipes? Well, if you hear that sound, yet know that there is no one using any water, it could be the sign of a leak.

Movement at the water meter.

To check your water meter:

Lift the faceplate and note the position of the indicators.

Return several hours later and if the indicators have moved, yet you know that no water has been used, it could be the sign of a leak.

Hotspots on the floor.

If you are walking across a hard floor (i.e. tile, wood, vinyl, etc.) and suddenly feel an area that is noticeably warmer than the surrounding area or if there is a small room in your house (i.e. a laundry room, coat closet or powder room) that seems excessively hot or humid, these are all strong indications of a potential slab leak.

If you are having a slab leak, eventually that water has to go somewhere. Walk the perimeter of your house. If you find an area where there is standing water, mud, moss, etc., the first step is to make sure that it is simply not a case of over-watering or a defective irrigation valve.

If not, then you may have a slab leak.

All of these conditions could exist without there being a slab leak. Certainly, a slab leak could be ongoing without producing any of these symptoms. If you suspect that you’re having a leak of any kind, give Streamline Plumbing a call (714) 612- 6379. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose the situation and give you a sound plan of action for solving the problem.


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